Your Wig Tells a Lot about You

Even though wigs are permitted by certain poskim (Jewish law decisors) on Ashkenazi women, the wigs that they allow did not include the wigs we have today.  Unfortunately, many women went beyond the spirit of tznius and don a very unrefined wig popularized by a Hollywood celebrity.  A Tznius concern no doubt, because we can’t tell if the woman wearing it is single or married and what message she’s sending to the world with it.

Concern #1

We cannot tell if a woman is married with these ‘gorgeous’ wigs, also known as the Kardashian wig.

Are you married or single?

Are you married or single?


Kardashian Wig, symbol of tumah

Kardashian Wig, symbol of tumah



Are you married or single?

A funny wedding story from RAbbanit Iris Elyashiv:

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Concern #2

If a Torah scholar’s wife dons one of these wigs, what image or message is she sending to the general populace?

long wigs

Quotes from our Rabbis

The wigs that our women wear today are a complete and total prohibition just like not covering their hair at all. It looks like real hair and there is no option to allow wearing wigs — Maran Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, zt”l

The men, the yeshiva men – woe to them and what they shatter.  Demanding that their wives wear wigs. Desecrating the Name of Hashem! What kind of yeshiva bochur are they?  Their Torah is like Doeg haEdomi.  I am sure any Rav allowing wearing a wig will be judged for this! — Maran Rav Ovadia Yosef, zt”l

And this woman who does not at all look like a wife of a ben Torah, but like one of the actresses on the streets, is not one from our holy nation! — Maran Shmuel Halevi Vosner, zt”l

Any woman wearing even a piece of wig prepares for herself lighting material which will burn her in hell — HaBaba Sali, zt”l






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