How to Measure for Custom Made Clothing

Taking body measurements for custom made clothing may not be easy at first but after a few times, you will find it a breeze.  It takes practice to get the measurements accurately but it is worth it in order to ensure a good fit.  Learn how to do it in this pictorial.

Here is a picture tutorial for your viewing.  Use the navigational arrow keys to view from one picture to the next. You can also download it for free at the link below.

For a detailed posting on how to measure your natural neckline, see this article.

For a detailed posting on how to measure your shoulder slant, see this article.

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Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Mrs. Chesler is passionate about the mitzvah of tznius and offers modest and kosher sewing patterns for the general public.
Mrs. Moriya Chesler

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