Tznius Shopping Guide to Modest Silhouettes

For tznius shoppers who need visual guidance on what constitutes tznius garments, please read on to find out this handy guide based on silhouettes.Here is a basic dress form illustration.

Basic Dress Form

Basic Dress Form

If you dress the dress form with clothing that covers the silhouette of the dress form tightly without any ease, obviously it is not tzanua.  What are the types of clothing that are not tzanua by themselves?

Skin-tight Shell

not kosher shell

Skin-tight Shell – Not Tzanua, Not Kosher

Pencil Skirt

not kosher pencil skirt

The Pencil Skirt is designed to accentuate the lower half of the features of a woman, so it is obviously Not Modest, Not Kosher.

Straight Skirt

not tznius straight skirt

The Straight Skirt although not as bad as the pencil skirt still reveals the abdomen area, hence, Not Kosher, Not Tzanua.


So what is left to wear, you may wonder?  Try these alternatives.

Modest Top with Ease (Semi-fitted or Loose-fit)

tznius blouse top

Modest Blouse, with Ease at the Sleeves (Upper Arm) and Bodice


Here is a better view showing the ease for illustration only.

semi-fitted modest top

Ease Requirements of a Modest Top

A-line Skirt

kosher a-line skirt

Proper, tzanua, kosher, A-line Skirt


You may wonder, how about a flair a-line skirt?  Is that modest too?  Well, the answer depends on how much flair the skirt has.  If the skirt is overly flair, it is no longer modest, as it will “flair” up, as they say when there is movement or wind.

not kosher flair skirt

Immodest Flair Skirt


There is a very flair skirt called the circle skirt, which will flair up like a parachute as it is designed by drawing a complete skirt.  Think about Marilyn Monroe and her circle skirt in some Hollywood movie, if you are of that generation.

not kosher circle skirt

Immodest Circle Skirt


Side Silhouette

Here is another way of looking at a silhouette: the side profile.  You can determine if a garment is modest by looking at how it falls on the dress form/wearer at the side.

Side Profile of a Dress Form

Side Profile of a Dress Form

Skin-tight Shell

immodest shell

Skin-tight shell adds just another layer of “skin” to the dress form, hence not modest


Most clothing including formal clothing such as blazers, jackets, wedding dresses are all designed to be tight on the bodice emphasizing every detail of the wearer’s anatomy.  If you wear such garments, you are compromising on your tznius.  Is it worth it?  Don’t do it.  Your Olam Haba is at stake.

Pencil Skirt

not kosher pencil skirt

Not Modest Pencil Skirt Side Silhouette

Modest Blouse

kosher modest blouse

Modest Blouse Side Profile


kosher modest blouse

Modest Blouse that does not show the side silhouette of the dress form — KOSHER MEHADRIN — extra refinement.

Here’s another look with ease defined for illustration purposes only.

kosher blouse

Modest Top Side Profile Ease Defined — Kosher


modest kosher blouse with ease

Mehadrin (Extra Refined) Modest Blouse with Ease Defined, on Side Silhouette

Shopping Tips

So, next time when you go shopping, be attentive to the details of the garment.  Does it hang loose or tight on the wearer by these views – front, back and side?



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