Threading Your Sewing Machine

by Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Have you gotten acquainted with your sewing machine yet? Before you can start sewing, you need to know how to thread your sewing machine. The sewing machine uses an upper thread that is fed by your spool of thread and the lower thread that is fed by your bobbin.

I would have to refer you to your sewing manual to learn how to thread it properly. If you can’t find your sewing manual, you may be able to find it online or through your dealer. You could also call your sewing machine manufacturer to send you a hard-copy.

Some sewing machines come with a simple diagram for threading and winding the bobbin printed on the machine itself.

Installing the Sewing Machine Needle

It is important to know how to install your sewing machine needle correctly. There are different types and sizes of sewing machine needles but the one you will use usually come packaged with your (new) sewing machine. These are usually the Universal sewing needles that come in sizes 10/70, 12/80, 14/90 or 16/100. A thinner and very lightweight fabric will use a 10/70 needle, while a heavy weight, thick fabric will use 14/90 or 16/100.

The home sewing machine needle has a curved side and a flat side on its upper half. When you install your needle, you need to place the curved side facing you and the flat side away from you.

Sample Machine Threading

For the model sewing machine on the left, you can find it’s instructions for the following tasks from its online manual.

  • Installing a Needle on page 14.
  • Threading the machine on pages 22-24.
  • Winding a bobbin on pages 16-18.
  • Inserting a bobbin on page 20.



Effects of Not Threading Properly

I have found that beginner students often encounter problems in their sewing caused by incorrectly threading their sewing machine. The following problems may be avoided by learning how to thread correctly.

  • The needle thread breaks.
  • The bobbin thread breaks.
  • The stitches sewn are skipped.
  • There are puckers (gathers) on the seams.

Safety Rules

Like any other electrical equipment, you must observe safety rules when threading your sewing machine. Make sure the sewing machine is off before you replace the needle or when you thread your machine. Keep your sewing machine needles in a safe place that is out of reach of toddlers. When you need to hand a needle to someone, hold the point in your hand and the blunt side facing away from you.

Can you think of other safety rules when threading your machine?


Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Mrs. Chesler is passionate about the mitzvah of tznius and offers modest and kosher sewing patterns for the general public.
Mrs. Moriya Chesler

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