Single Jewish Girls Who Cover Their Hair

This is a Q&A addressing single Jewish girls/women who cover their hair and active on social media.

Question: I have been noticing that many SINGLE JEWISH GIRLS who are active on social media have been covering their hair as though they are married. These girls are of course not Yemenite and are not living in Moslem countries. Some of them are very modest in their attire, but not so modest in their behavior since they seek attention on social media and have a lot of male followers and engage in conversation with them freely. This is a new phenomenon. Is there a halacha that forbids single women from covering their hair to look like married women? Should this practice be discouraged?

Answer: I think that these women are unfortunately sad about life and feel a need for an empty hole in their heart to be filled so they seek attention in this way. A lot of it might have to do with the fact that they like the idea of thinking they’re married… in general, social media is a dangerous place to be especially with so many predators out there who are looking for innocent and naive victims. I’m not certain what can be done about this other than to continue to talk about these matters in a public forum so that people are aware that these things are taking place and perhaps this will encourage those who are engaged in these bad habits, to quit.

Other than that, we can just pray that Hashem should fill the hearts of those young women with true love and that they find their zivug ha’gun so that they should not have to resort to this lowly way of attracting attention and love. I feel badly for these girls and worse for these men…

Let us hope for better days,
Rabbanit K. Sarah Cohen



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