Quotes from the Chofetz Chaim

I have said that the main reason for this (all of the troubles and punishments) is that we ourselves are distancing Hashem from us… Everything connected to the horrible thing called “fashion” [a way of dressing which includes anything worn from head to toe for the main purpose of attracting men, may Hashem protect us] brings a person to have sinful thoughts… and it actively nullifies Hashem’s words: “And your camp shall be holy, and there should not be seen amongst you anything, ervat davar, immodest.” And due to our many sins, a great fire has broken out in Hashem’s vineyard in many places because of this terrible “fashion,” because the impure forces become stronger due to this… and therefore the influence and blessing which each person should receive in his dealings has been stopped, and this causes all the troubles and bad things… Therefore there is an obligation upon each and every person to put out this terrible fire and to make sure that in his house, everyone acts according to halacha and not with immodesty … And the greatest obligation is on the Rabbis…


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