How to Sew a Simple Dickey

by Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Now that you have learned how to measure your neckline and shoulder slant, you are ready to make a dickey. Dickeys are useful tznius accessories that will help you keep a kosher neckline on your garment.

If a dress has the above-mentioned problem, it can be worn with a wide inset collar piece (a “dickey”) which will adequately cover the front, back and shoulder areas. (page 273, “Modesty, An Adornment for Life”)

Let’s get started.

Watch this short Flash tutorial on how to turn neck facings into dickeys.

Don’t worry, you can download a copy of this tutorial as a PDF file here.

You can try making this dickey by downloading a sample Neck Facing PDF pattern based on a 12-in neck and 22-degree shoulder slant, perfect for a young child with an average shoulder slant.


You can upcycle old knit material that you have in your home from old T-shirts, shells, or skirts. Let me know if you need any help. This is a great project for your Summer Camp.

Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Mrs. Moriya Chesler

Mrs. Chesler is passionate about the mitzvah of tznius and offers modest and kosher sewing patterns for the general public.
Mrs. Moriya Chesler

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