A Critical Message to Women and Their Husbands

Rabbi Yaron Reuven presents a special message to women and their husbands concerning the importance of the mitzvah of tznius in Hashem’s eyes.

A Critical Message to Women and Their Husbands
By: Yaron Reuven

So long as people think that the Torah is up to our generation’s interpretation, than anything goes, and before you know it, the entire Torah is canceled Chas VeShalom (heaven forbid). The truth that all of us know is that the Torah is not changeable, adaptable, or modernizable. The same HaShem that created the heaven and earth, and everything in between, also knew about our generation, and therefore, when he wrote the Torah 974 generations before He created the world, He also took us into account.

Why is this important to know? Because anyone who thinks that the modesty laws (or any laws) of the Torah have changed, simply because we don’t like them, or because its become acceptable, and even admired, by the world we live in to dress with exotic clothing, or in tight fitting clothes (men and women) in order to give the world a good idea of what we look like naked, is absolutely sinning and causing others to sin. The Mishna, Gemara, Zohar and teachings of the sages all say very harsh things (punishment in this world and the eternal world) for such people. There are clear verses in the written written and Oral Torah discussing modesty, and how critical it is. What’s the proof?

The Gemara (Sanhedrin 106a) discussed Parashat Balak in the written Torah, and quotes the wicked prophet Bilaam saying to Balak “The God of Israel HATES Zima (immodest dress and behavior).” This applies to both Jews and Gentiles, but much severe for Jews. Regardless of someone’s “level of observance,” why would any rational God fearing person want to even take a 1% chance of being included in HaShem’s “hate list?”

Further, in Nefesh Chaya by Rav Pincus, he clarifies the magnitude of this preceding statement as it pertains to the entire Torah. If anyone takes notice, regardless of the magnitude of the sins that Am Israel made throughout history (Idol Worship at Mt. Sinai, Lashon HaRa by Meraglim, Baseless Hatred, etc.), HaShem ALWAYS WARNED us, or let some time pass—in order to see if we do teshuvah—before punishment was eventually delivered. Even when the idol worship at Mt. Sinai occurred, HaShem did not deliver punishment immediately. There is only one sin that HaShem punished Am Israel without warning, and that’s after the sin of the ZIMA that occurred in Parashat Balak. Before all of Am Israel even had the time to actually cohabit with the immodest women of Midian and Moab, HaShem delivered a massive punishment by killing 24,000 Jews in a matter of minutes, without as much as a small warning or even a hesitation, just for “looking and thinking” about these immodest women. If it weren’t for the zealousness of Pinchas—which led him to kill Zimri ben Salu and Cozbi daughter of Zur, while they were in the middle of cohabiting—HaShem would have destroyed the entire nation, Chas Veshalom. Read this again to fully understand the magnitude of this sin. NO warning, No big announcement, Nothing. Am Israel made a sin, and the punishment was instantaneous and devastating.

Now you tell me….does anyone who truly believes in HaShem and His Torah, commit such a sin of immodesty after they know this? Each of you needs to decide, because each of you has the power to build or destroy our nation and world.

“Were it not for My covenant day and night, I would not have appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth (the laws of nature would cease to exist).” Jeremiah 33:25


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